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Updated: Oct 15

I recently listened to the audiobook The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz. Eye opener for sure. I highly recommend you listening to it. Her research has been confirmed in several other books I’ve read recently, written by esteemed physicians. Nina was extremely thorough and did not recommend one diet over another, but she just stated unbiased facts. I like facts and true scientific evidence.

While I absolutely believe in exercise and fitness and feel people need to stay active for longevity and happiness, these are not the main culprits of the current public health crisis we’re experiencing, which is not just in the United States but worldwide. So, let’s dig in (pun intended!)

Contrary to what most people think, or have thought since the late 70’s with the establishment of our food pyramid, saturated fats are not the problem – meat, eggs, dairy. Studies have confirmed that saturated fats don’t actually cause heart disease! Shocker, right? Can you guess what does cause heart disease, diabetes, obesity and metabolic disorders? Did you guess sugar and carbohydrates? Our poor health has come about because of Big Food and the ultra-processed foods that are laden with sugar.

If you shop in the middle of the grocery store, you will fall victim to sugar overload. Sugar is hidden in everything – the food manufacturers, while attempting to make things low in fat, had to add sugar to make the food taste good. There are lots of different names for sugar, but sugar is sugar, even if it is organic, turbinado, coconut sugar, brown rice syrup, oat syrup, maple syrup, and even honey. “Low fat” cookies, potato chips, cereal and whatever else manufacturers have slapped a “low fat” sticker on does not make them healthy. If you consider the cheap seed oils and preservatives added to make the foods last forever on the shelf, no wonder we are sick!

It has taken us half a century to figure out that “low fat” is not best, and such a diet has actually caused heart attacks and death. Not to mention, the production of these foods is also killing our planet. We need to strike “low fat” from our vocabulary. Let’s start paying attention to not the fat or calorie content of food, but rather the carbohydrates, sugars and oils on the label of the package. Become a label detective!!

Full-fat dairy, meat and eggs should be part of a well-rounded, plant-rich diet. Choosing dairy, meat and eggs that are organic, free-range, and grass-fed and finished is important in saving our planet. Choosing the best meat is important, not meat from commercial feed lots, but from farms practicing regenerative farming. Several friends of ours are practicing regenerative farming and you can get their meat directly from them on their farms and at the farmers’ markets. I’ll post their contact information at the end of this article.

So, what is the absolute best thing you can do for your diet? My advice is to take it a meal at a time – focus on less carbohydrates and watch your added sugars. Ideally, you should consume less than 10gm of added sugar a day. Eat fruit and veggies, suggested at least 6 servings a day, and absolutely avoid fruit juice. It’s as bad as a sugary soda. Focus on a plant-rich diet supplemented by good quality meat, eggs and dairy. Whole based nutrition that is full of dense nutrients is the answer.

We have to do better not just for our health, but the health of our children and the health of our planet. I’ll go into more detail in other blog posts highlighting regenerative agriculture, the need for biodiversity and sustainability and healing our soil. Definitely check out the meat and eggs from either of the farms below if you’re local. They are in this fight with us to fix our food system. If you aren’t local, check out to find farms near you.

Until next time.

Love, Dr. Amanda

Green-Eyed Farms – veteran and family-owned.

Their contact information:, or on Facebook and Instagram @greeneyedfarms.

Spartan Tusk and Feather Livestock – veteran and family-owned.

Their contact information:, you can find them on Facebook under Spartan Tusk and Feather Livestock or Instagram at @spartan_tusk_and_feather

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